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Judith Gervais

Trager is an approach to self awakening offering self-development and psychophysical integration tools. This approach allows an exploration through movement creating an opening on a richer, deeper dimension to the body and mind..

Individual Trager session takes place on a massage table. The duration of a session is approximately one hour and fifteen mnutes and requires no oil. The practitioner uses flexible and rhythmic movements made of movements, vibrations and stretching, at the pace of the client.

The Mentastics are recommended to the client to continue and complete the educational process of the session. It is a series of simple and easy movements, created by Dr. Milton Trager in order to maintain and even increase the feeling of flexibility, fluidity and ease of movement.

« Every little movement, every bounce of a muscle, every thought, brings a feeling of freedom and creates an intimate relationship between the body and the mind.» Milton Trager

Available on Fridays at the salon.